Bower is a New York City based studio with a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary furniture and product design. Through a free, experimental process, the intent of Bower's work is to bring unique and unexpected objects into people's lives. Bower designs are defined by a natural tendency to traverse conventional standards through an emphasis on essential forms. Finding intriguing characteristics in anything from plants and animals to toys from their childhood, they dream up completely different functional applications, often culminating in surprising results. This process is Bower's happy place, experimenting and exploring a detail that has caught their interest without being sure how it will manifest itself in the end. The spirit of discovery lives through their collections and is felt when people engage with a Bower design. 

Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi, the Design Directors, founded Bower in 2013. Jeffrey Renz joined the studio in 2014 as the Development and Sales Director. 

Since 2015, Bower's in-house production has been based at the GMDC building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in partnership with Patrick Weder Design. 

What is "Bower"? Bower is a bird!

Tammer and Danny find inspiration in the Bowerbird's innate desire to create beautifully intriguing structures and arrangements from its surrounding habitat. Male Bowerbirds make these displays to attract mates, in other words, to survive. The bird's process is instinctive and the function of its art is emotional. Danny and Tammer believe in the creative spirit of this animal and channel it through their own expression at Bower Studios.